New poetry

16 03 2010

The Smile


He seeks the thing he cannot find, the smile he sadly left behind,

Amongst the things he chose instead, a place of warmth, some food – a bed.

And if he had but known, back then, that he could have them both again,

He surely would have shone his light, his spirit dancing with delight.


But wise old men had told him so, the child inside must cease to grow.

You must toil and never stop, at things that make your spirit drop.

“It’s what we do!” the men would say, work for others, every day.

Toil and sweat, to make them rich, and never cry, or moan, or bitch.


But true hearts find another way, to live within the light of day.

To boldly shine the things they feel, are deeply placed upon the wheel.

The courage had to say – enough – though you may not blend in as much.

The heart it takes to disagree, with what they say that you should be.


He seeks the things that he still knows, are left upon this earth to grow.

His love and honour take their place, divinity, for all his race.

He plants the seeds that only take, where earth was tilled for them to bake.

His soul becomes the water and earth, they only grow where there is worth.


His oath to make them grow will stand, amongst the others of the land,

As proof that they can also be, what is their true divinity;

Their love, their honour and their light, is all that matters, through their night.

All else is simply luxury, and it is nothing that they need.


It should not take such labour and toil, to bring these truths from fertile soil,

But if they follow others ways, they only live to count the days,

That they have spent on this green earth, thinking they amassed such worth,

When really what their souls have done, amounts to naught, when flesh is done.


Help me spirit, to arise, where souls may join in violet skies.

Help my mind to ever think, there is no end, there is no brink.

Allow me all my birthright true, allow me to be one with you.

For I remember how it was, when my soul knew it’s only cause.


To be the one I truly am, to be the one who speaks no sham.

To be the voice that speaks so loud, when others fail to make her proud.

To smile and laugh with children who, are learning to be just like you.

To teach them truly, all you know, of what it takes to make love grow.


This smile of mine, I know I’ll find, Though still my flesh can be so blind.

I’ll seek it like the grail of old, and watch that love as it unfolds.

I’ll pass it on to those who care, to those who love, to those who share.

The road my soul does travel on, with lovely prose, and heartfelt song.






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