18 03 2010







The beauty lies beneath her trees and swirls on every waking breeze.

The champagne snows and heavy blows are touched by all our mortal pleas.

They suffer these, till our release, confession leaves the soul in peace.

And then we start anew again, as if awakened by a friend.


When this happens,

will we choose,

to honor them?

Will we refuse?


A thousand voices speak within, without a choice, bereft of sin.

In each and every moments life, there is a voice, that speaks no strife.

With each moment comes a time, when birds will sing and words will rhyme.

A time when we can start again, choose a path, become loves friend.


When this happens,

Will we choose,

To live that love?

Will we refuse?


Drinking in the love she is, the peaceful calm, the mental bliss.

Leads me soon to who I am, the flowing palm, the desert sand.

A legion of the souls that see, they cannot hide, though they are free.

And being all there is to be, they love the ride, they’re souls at sea.


When this happens,

I will choose,

To hold on tight…

vow not to lose


Of all the gods that man has made, or planted seeds, rock and spade.

None will ever shine for less, when fleshly deeds have failed the test.While all the gods live on as one, they are the earth and sea and sun.

They are the choices that we are, they are the voices from afar.

When this happens,

I will choose,

To start again,

Begin anew.

And when the timely voices speak, I’ll bend an ear with heart so meek.

And listen well to what they say, sometimes they sound so far away.

But other times when they sound close, I hear them well and raise a toast.

To all the timely things enjoyed, when I was otherwise employed…





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