Thoughts of seasons

18 03 2010



The Crone


Come then, crone, and we shall dance, and speak of winters true romance.

We’ll speak of forests full of frost, and hoary dells, where hope is lost.

We’ll lie amongst the cold debris, and roll with lust on frozen scree.

And then we’ll do it all again, the ice and I will be fast friends.


I’ll place those sleds upon my feet, and dance with her as one heart beats.

I’ll walk amongst her frozen stairs, as prisms dance in icy lairs.

I’ll sit a while, by fire bright, as ribbons dance with frozen night.

I’ll love her there amongst the stars, as Venus shines, so near, so far.


As winters go, I’ve seen the worst, I felt as though we had been cursed.

As winters go, I’ve felt her best, some years my soul she did not test.

But every one, I would not trade, for in her, my true light was made.

The crone, she dances, ever on. The crone makes sure that you belong…


Amongst the places man endures, by fire bright and warmest furs.

The places that are touched the least, by those who always need a feast.

For those whose famine makes them strong, these places where she lingers on.

Her light burns very strong for them, and treasures what they have to send.


For soon her tasks will be undone, her ices melted by the sun.

The flowers all will bloom and grow, her icy touch, they will not show.

And she will smile and turn aside, as spring brings love to mountainsides.

But all her labour, will show through, as glacial streams begin anew.


And then I’ll plant and reap and sow, but in my heart, I’ll always know,

That when she comes around next fall, I’ll greet her grandly, bow and call.

Her icy, wondrous, loving care, the tests she gives, I’ll gladly bear,

To live here in this sacred place, amongst her ever-present grace.





2 responses

18 03 2010

wow. i really enjoyed reading this

19 03 2010

Thanks for stopping by-glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed your page also.

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