Spring is Love

21 03 2010











Spring is Love


Snow falls on her still white lawn, a spring like sun has graced the dawn.

Her evergreens are white and still, her birches bare await her will.

Inside the hearth is warm and bright, still needed when we say goodnight.

Her loving touch can still be felt, the sun of spring her snow does melt.

Inside a planting has begun, from new moon seeds, her plants have sprung.

Her birches fair are soon to flow, Her sap will rise and leaves will show.

While mountains roar from island homes, her breath is still, where love light roams.

Winter clings and seems to say, I’ll be back again some day.

Taps and buckets, soon in place, will catch her love and god’s sweet grace.

Cooked out in the open air, her sugar sweet beyond compare.

A melting snow that turns to green and leaves her forest so serene,

has been that way through ages past, to sweetly break our winter fast.

Her flowers soon will rise above, the waters her snow gives with love.

Her fireweed and avens bloom, they drive away the winters gloom.

The hares white coat will start to turn, as summer fires begin to burn.

And all of that will be with love, upon the wings of her sweet dove.

The owl will leave his southern home and to these ridges, he will roam.

Majestic swans will swim bright waters, where islands save their sons and daughters.

Geese will come and fill the fields, that snow does now refuse to yield.

Daylight grows and stars grow dim, as Mother Earth flies by and spins.

And though we’ll have a mess in here, from mud stuck to our boots, I fear,

we’ll have bright smiles on our faces, thanking god for all the graces,

that come with warmth and mud and rain, and all our science can’t explain,

the truth of what we see and feel, for love is truth and love is real.






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