28 03 2010






Mother Earth is white today, Her carpet makes a brilliant page.

Her forest creatures wander there, and write Her words without a care,

accept what their next meal will be, as birds fly by from tree to tree.

Some will drink from gathered snows, while some will hide from bitter blows.

But all will know they have enough, even though their day was rough.

For they have lived to see Her dawn, and graced Her whitest, pristine lawn.

This they know has been their quest, what doesn’t matter is the rest.

The things we always take for granted, Gaia has so sweetly planted.

The coal we burn to light our lights, to brighten up the dark sweet night.

The oil we drill to feed machines, that eat up all Her lovely greens.

The water pumped where crystals flourish, earth blood She had gently nourished.

Forests burned to grow more oil, soybeans, corn, from sacred soil.

We should thank Her for that love, when we are graced by Her sweet dove.

She gives the air we humans need – the air we ruin with our greed.

She gives the water that we drink – the water wasted in the sink.

She gives the food we grow and eat – and yet we hoard Her grains and wheat.

Gaia gives these things for all – winter, summer, spring and fall.

Gaia’s love is true and real, She gives us what we try to steal.

We have enough to keep us strong, Mother Earth sings loud Her song.

She gives us oceans, full of fish, we are so graced and filthy rich.

Her rivers bright and trees so tall, and yet we dam them – trees do fall.

Her oceans deepest blue and green, we fill with garbage – so obscene.

Her brilliant workings God has made, will suffer much but never fade.

For we were not the first in charge, the dinosaurs once lived so large.




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