One And All

28 03 2010

One and All

 A golden time, a golden gate, comes now at last to those who wait.

Do not follow, do not lead, we come to times that know not greed.

A selfless act, a blameless friend, will bring on love that does not end.

Follow heart and follow soul, there is no other shining goal.

You mortal life, your fleshly pain, falls away like drops of rain.

Seek the answers, in your self, they are all there, upon her shelf.

There is no truth, in those that chide, the love you feel, deep inside.

For it is yours and it is mine, there is no need to stay in line.

Give them love and give them hope, but do not let them hold your rope.

If they were teaching only love, they’d see the truth of snow white dove.

For love knows not the greed of power, love is there in every hour.

God is love you feel within, and love is where the path begins.

Pride and power are not love, release the rose from fisted glove.

Let your love flow from within, it rises loud above the din,

of those who speak on ever loud, voices from a darkening shroud,

They speak no truth, their light is fey, Love is the Truth, the Light, the Way.

Remember who we are inside, Love’s Light shines and does not hide.

Love has always been the flame, that goes by many other names.

Though through an age, so many knew, they hid the Truth, enriching few.

Seek ye not a single path, seek ye love, instead of wrath.

All faiths are one and one is All, for man cannot belay the fall,

of faiths that do not see the light, Love’s sword is Truth, Love’s word is might.

Feel this truth and you are armed, be that love and your not harmed,

by those who seek another crowd, so they can go on speaking loud.

Take what truth you find in them, and pass it on from Gaia’s stem.

See the beauty that She is, live that love as your souls bliss.

If you should stumble, you won’t fall, you are still one, you are still All.

Your life’s eternal and of grace, your life’s a journey, not a race.




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