The Song You Sing

31 03 2010








The Song you Sing



A single thought of single mind, becomes the savior of mankind.

The love that’s felt as one in soul, can overcome, achieving goals.

A chance to be the greatest age, to write new stories on white page.

To finally learn to act as one, just think of greatness – it is done.


If man had been this mind before, there never would have been a war.

We never would have paid a cost – our birthright we have still not lost.

The forest green would still be there, we would not have an earthly care.

The rivers dammed would all still run, there waters bright – instead of done.


It’s not to late to turn the tide, to be the truth we are inside.

To live and love with no remorse, that is the truth – that is our source.

We can still be in Eden true, it is in me – it is in you.

Utopia, Atlantis fair – Shambala is waiting there.


We join as one and fight with love, the ones who fear our sweet white dove.

Eternal power lies within, the source of all that knows not sin.

It has been there for time unknown, and to the wise, it’s love has grown.

Be the song you sing inside – feel loves’ glow – enjoy the ride.


The peace that is inside your soul, belongs to all as part of whole.

Feel it rise and lift you high, your soul is land and sea and sky.

Be your truth and stand beside, the soul so perfect, that you hide.

Perfection then is what you are – you shine so bright – you are a star.


It’s hard to see from mortal bonds, that you are perfect as the dawn.

It’s hard to hold once you have seen, return to it as if in dream.

For we are mortal – flesh and blood – reality can be a flood.

It’s hard to come back to the light, seek your peace and never might.


As ages pass into the night, another comes that is so bright.

An age of ever brightening love, the age of that immortal dove.

Where man will have no need of war, and though there was no need before,

if we use love’s silver sword, we’ll spill no blood upon Her shores.


The time has come – an end to night – a time when souls as one unite.

Accept yourself as what you are – an ever brightly shining star.

Amongst a universe of light, where souls of men don’t feel fright.

For souls immortal never fear, they live on brightly, shining dear.






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