25 02 2012



A beauty rises… pulsing, shakes – the corners of his mind awake.

he takes it in without a pause, She doesn’t heed his fleshy laws…

Her wheel in the sky revolves, a violet passion soon evolves.

The power of the grail at hand, the fisted glove in which it stands,

loosely slips it’s leathered grasp, letting spirit from it pass

He lets his fingers fly along, he lets them sing the spirits song.

Enlightened when he paused to listen… morning dew with spirit glistens.


When we were young…


Sealed on the summers haze, enraptured with the light of day…

pulsing with the gentle night, the fire of gods in skies alight,

screaming cross the desert sands, stronger than the fist of man.

impassioned with the spirits feel, diving in with zest and zeal…

finders of the hidden truth – that is the blessed gift of youth…

racing in the summer fields, sheer delight Her spirit yields.

Climbing high upon Her decks, our sails full, our clothing wet…

drinking in the spray and salt, like barley flavored chocolate malt.

our hair ablaze with gilded fire, springing from the spirits pyre,

drinking in the brilliant dance, our heart and soul the true romance.


Hearing not the music played, light in spirit – bright and gay,

dancing on in winter snow, fire bright with crackling glow,

never seeing what was there, dancing on without a care,

living in the lamplights glow, being what we freely showed,

caring not what others thought, living bliss we never sought,

spirit living life without, the human fear, the mortal doubt…

the place where winters blinding blows, are always followed by the snows,

that turn to rivers in our mind, when we can still the spirit find…

where spirit sits and ever waits, the crown and rings still ours to take.


Oh! To be when we first met… when i was all Her loving pet,

riding on Her summers breeze, being winters hoary freeze…

To laugh the way i did back then, when we were lovers, and were friends,

the way i was, when first we met… the corners where my mind forgets.




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