Of Myth and Legend

6 12 2012





Wizards and dragons, taking to wing, boldness and virtue and other fair things.

All of our legends bear truth if we dare, to be un-amazed of the spirit we share.
To fly on the wings of the dove that we see, to sail on the foam of a deep shining see.
To waft to the top of a statuesque pine, to swing with the monkey on green jungle vines.
To be un-amazed at the truth that we are, we have to give up what we’ve chosen so far.

To soar to the planets, if only in mind, of those who will seek it, there’s virtue to find.
To swing with the monkey on green jungle vine, we have to admit that our soul is divine.
It isn’t a longing… a needing to be – it isn’t belonging or seeming to be.
It’s part of the psyche of creatures that know, there simply is more – the spirit can grow.

Huddled and waiting, it sits on a shelf.  Subtle and baiting, the legend means wealth.
It is simply not wealth of material stock, the legend is truth of the all mighty flock.
Legends we spoke before history of man, we spoke of the time before ‘truth’ had began.
When the written is written, it never is done, it means that the telling has only begun.

Our race being vague about what it does know, 

we write of our wealth – it’s the prize that we show.

Though in all of the legends, the stories, the fact.

There is ever one moral, one vision, one act.

Good versus evil, each quest has been so.

  Each faith has a proverb, where love can still grow.

Each government founded on truth that was then, 

each man has a choice, of where he gets his zen.

May we seek not the prize that awaits in our mind,

for the end of each quest brings a fruit of one kind.

Within every legend, each myth that we bear,

lies the journey so traveled, the fight with despair.

The mythical beings we met on the way,

were meant to remind us, to show us the way.

But the journey of virtue, was what we had gained,

and the stories we tell, become all that remains…

Unless we as a people decide on the facts.
Unless we as a people admit what we lack.
Unless we as a people, accept that the tale,
is only the truth, if our quest does not fail,
To live within morals, passed on in this way,
to never again let others give sway…

To what we know is right, in our heart and our soul.
It is always the journey, and never the goal,
that gives us the prize that we seek in our myth.
It is how we survived against evil… with bliss




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