Lost Moments

8 12 2012

Soft and silent fell the moon, that night as I stood by.
As Venus passed, I felt her swoon, and bend the living sky.
I stopped to take it in a while, though it was cold outside.
Auroras lit the night with style, flowing like a tide.

I breathed it deep, and felt it seep, into my heart and soul.
With hands held high, I felt it sigh, reminding me my role.
A tiny mass – a blade of grass – amongst a million fields.
Yet different still, for with free will, the truth was mine to wield.

The power to remind myself, the things I think I know,
still lie amongst the winter wheat… in every field they grow.
A million times, a billion rhymes, remain out there until,
a spirit thrives, and still survives, its quest for strength and will.

Did all this really come to mind, within such little space?
Or was it rather left behind… or lost without a trace?
I only know I felt the touch, in silver laden skies.
I felt it as my spirit rushed… to pass my body by.

The touch of all – that is no touch – but something undefined.
At least beyond the trappings of this tiny little mind.
That mind expands, and gently bans, the thoughts that do not lend,
a hand of warmth and kindness to the all that has no end…

If I could really ride that sky – I was so close that night
or feel what I thought I felt… and not put up a fight.
I’d tell you what it really was, upon that silver sky…
But I just smiled, and barely paused…and let it pass me by.




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