In Love

10 12 2012


Snow falls again on the unwed path of faith, marred red by the blood of those who have fallen.
mankind fears what he does not understand
as Shylock spreads the rumors
to the thronging crowd listening fixedly for centuries
As God waits for the unification of belief
in Love

faith is not proven, or it would be fact
facts are meaningless prose
written by the victors
of the wars
that have destroyed the belief
of mortal man
in LOve

War is the answer to the fear of mankind.
It breeds discontent
  It laughs in contempt
  at the fact of the existence
of mankind
and shrugs off the answer
to the ultimate question of Faith
in LOVe

While we die for our God
and we kill for our God
as vows of poverty become
less than what they were
and the unconditional laws
that are the true basis of our practices
are bent to political ends
which are never justified by the means
and were never meant to be included




2 responses

10 12 2012

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking “A Bit of Cheer”. I do hope you’ll visit again soon.
Your poetry is beautiful!

10 12 2012

Thanks Robyn. Your photography is also beautiful. I’ll visit often. 🙂

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