Ever Wind

13 12 2012

All her hair is greenly flowing, in the wind of summer blowing,
through the fair forever forest – tombs of kings – and also lawless.
Twisting through forever glade, blows the wind, forever made,
by still of night that cools the land, upon whose grace alone we stand.

The evergreens are bending, flowing… summers ever breeze is rowing,
boats with sails full of wind, to start the tale where it begins.
Upon the moors of moss and bracken, blows the wind that never slackens…
Timeless blows that ever wind, no thought of law… no thought of sin…

Birches white with lichen laces, beaming ever flowing faces…
Green of summer – green of life – balanced on an edgeless knife…
Flowing on the ever breeze, the birches sing – the poplar screams!
Their faces merge within the sound, of ever winds, on ever ground.

Carpet now of green and moss, the forest floor becomes embossed,
with ferns and roses – high bush berries – things that slept while they were buried.
Bursting now on ever wind, the spiral ever turns again,
as things that slept through winter snow, accept the grace – begin to grow.

Softlygently…must we go, to places where the ever flow,
is seen by mortal eyes and mind, if we do not, then we will find,
the places aren’t the thing we lack, the ever wind comes ever back…
To bog and fen and city square – it’s all in how the grace is shared.




4 responses

13 12 2012
Charron's Chatter

Ireland!! I am getting images of rolling cliffs and lush, verdant highlands. Your flow is spot on, and the lyrical flow of verse draws me–the reader–happily inward. 🙂

13 12 2012

Thanks so much! Flow is exactly what I was mused by, and I am overjoyed that it was conveyed. I am so glad that this brought Ireland to your mind, as it was meant to show that it is everywhere, this ever flow, and it is how it is accepted and shared that matters.

13 12 2012


13 12 2012


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