On Sacred Ground

17 12 2012

Have you ever stood, on a shale slope, peering out at all that grace?
Perhaps upon a rivers edge, or a dome with lichen lace?
Have you ever walked where few men have, and breathed that glory in?
Perhaps you should, and then you’ll feel – no longer touched by sin.

The first step of a three day hike, can bring you so much joy,
the gleam of a child, on Christmas day, when blessed with some new toy.
The walk you take, to fish that lake, where mountains touch the sky,
can lift your soul, and make you whole – your flesh stands idly by.

That mountain lake, so azure blue, a palette’s seldom touched,
your soul will take, that color true, and paint with spirits’ brush.
That river bright, with ancient stones, imprinted in the mind,
may lose it’s light, in frames at home… that light your soul did find.

That rocky dome, where trees can’t grow, yet mountain avens spring,
will make you roam, where you still know, their beauty joy will bring.
And if you walk, where no man’s been, you’ll keep that place inside,
and you will talk, above the din – when you relate that pride.

All the ground we walk upon, is sacred ground indeed,
it’s how we bring our spirit there, and how we let it feed,
that gives us feelings we relate, to strangers and dear friends.
It’s whether we accept that glow – or let it’s lamplight end.




2 responses

17 12 2012

Fantastic! The fourth stanza really left me in awe, beautifully constructed. As for pure aesthetic pleasure, the second one stood out to me; its final phrase hit me like a truck! Good use of italics~

17 12 2012

Thank you, my friend. I like to mix up the style a bit, coloring outside the lines, as we find in nature. Glad it spoke to you. 🙂

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