Love is a Rose

19 12 2012


Gods love blooms in every rose, a gift of rhyme, a gift of prose.
He sends it on to those who feel, that He is all and He is real.
His love shines through on darkest day, His love shines through to show their way.
For those who feel this flowers touch, are those who paint with loves sweet brush.

A picture painted with the word, that they have felt and therefore heard.
He loves to see them in this light, He comes to them without a fight.
For His love flies on wings of doves, a new age dawns for those that love.
He will bring others to the fold, with loves sweet magic, to behold.

He never slept, though we did dream, as poets sing and softly scream.
For though the words are all mankind’s, they speak the truth that they did find,
upon the veil of this sweet love, they hold that rose in fisted glove,
and seek to pass it on to those, in words that rhyme or sweetest prose…

A message from the starry heights, do not fear – be not in fright!
For though this new age dawns at last, there still are those who live the past.
Love them though they cannot see, love them with a heart so free.
For love and truth will be the sword, that quiets yet the dwindling horde.

It’s edge is keen and does not sway, it is the truth, if that’s your way.
A martyrs cry is seldom lost, though some may still not count the cost.
Take up the sword that He holds dear, His rose smells sweet and He does hear,
your ever-growing, hearts desire, that golden flame, unites your fire.

Grasp the rose and shed the glove – His sword is truth – the word is love.
We wait and wonder with the All, that gather round a crystal ball.
Mother Earth lies in the grasp, of those who hate and still hold wrath,
the darkness felt within the souls, of those who fear becoming whole.

There is no battle to be won – we simply love – as Christ has done.
They’ll be no death in this great fight, for truth is strength… love unites.
Join the ones who feel the power, of every moment’s peaceful hour.
Seek ye not, and ye shall find, the power of God, in one great mind.

Helplessly hoping to bridge the gap(s) between belief, faith, religeon, and spirituality.  Love….

The root of All is Love.  That rose….





One response

19 12 2012

Thanks for sharing this amazing truth, and such powerful prose! My favorite: “Grasp the rose and shed the glove – His sword is truth – the word is love.”
As the sword slices the veil of illusion, so all can see the light through Christ’s love and grace. Thanks for sharing hope in the world!

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