Divine Light

22 12 2012


An indigo light envelopes the room,

candlelight flickers and suffers no gloom.

A burning desire now freely enhanced,

by a visage so pure and hypnotic…entranced.

It sat waiting for eons to come to the fore,

now it’s sating the neons like never before.

All of the light that mankind has invented,

were never this bright, it could not be prevented.

Though sages and scholars and fools won’t agree,

that light brings salvation, if you set it free.

Sending it out from the depth of our spirit,

we are no longer chained, with that strength, we are near it.

It doesn’t lie deep in the ground or in space,

it is not like a journey, and not like a race.

It doesn’t just keep all the sound or a trace,

it is not about yearning, or saving of face.

If you have to define it, you don’t understand,

you can’t realign it, or tell it your plan.

It won’t bring you wealth, if you think you have none,

though it will bring you health, that is never undone.

If you can still feel it, deep in your chest,

just try to project it, this is not a test…

Forget all the worries, the cares and the needs,

that’s where the fear and despair go to breed.

Nothing else matters, accept for that light,

leave behind the illusion, the pain and the fright.

The feeling you get when you send it to earth,

will not be defined till you know what your worth.

Ethereal beings are not what they seem,

be it fiction or fact, be it waking or dream.

The true divine light comes from one perfect source.

It comes from within, and from you dear, of course.




2 responses

22 12 2012

will not be defined till you know what your worth.
Love that part! I always feel like your comforting me with these poems!

22 12 2012

That is such a beautiful compliment. Divine. Thank you! I will glow all day now. 🙂

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