23 12 2012

Tapestries woven by legend enhanced, scatter like ashes within this romance.

Ethereal whispers no longer the same, idols I’ve worshipped have lost any fame.

I stood tall, while I knelt at those altars unreal… becoming enlightened is not how i feel.

I’ve given to grace, all the things that I’ve done.

I’m shouting my whispers and shining my sun.

Entranced by the beauty of being at peace, without all the longing and pensive release.

Returning to something my soul never left, my mind was nomadic and spirit bereft.

That being of oneness… that truth of all zen.

I had sought to ensnare it.  I built it a pen.

Came a day, when finally.

I let it all go.

That’s when it hit me…

that’s when you know.

The thing that you sought for and struggled to find,

is not what had run from the grasp of your mind.

The reason you wandered, while looking away,

was the reason that voice still had nothing to say.

It didn’t appear when you soared in the sky,

and it wasn’t the fear that you didn’t deny.

The road that’s less traveled, that I thought we took,

was instead what some author, had penned in some book.

It was right in the core of the beauty we are,

though I traveled and journeyed, i never went far,

from the grace and the glory – I thought i had none…

There was never a journey.  No race had been run.

Step away from that yearning, now life has begun.




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