Copyrights and permissions

25 12 2012

Anyone unfamiliar with US copyright law should have a look.  Great fodder for a sleepless night, a sure cure for insomnia!  Next try the regulations for organic farming.  I digress…

I have recently received spam comments asking to duplicate my work here. Not the usual; ‘Buy my thing, it’s awesome! So are you!’ or ‘Get thin now!(How’d they know?!?)’. Those are easy to spot.

Or ‘chat with me on facebook,’ or ‘come see my pics!’ – I seem to get those after making ‘heartfelt’ connections. Those are filed under ‘Irony’. Go figure. I won’t. It lesso(e)ns me.   🙂

These new ones seem almost genuine, but cannot be followed to a source, so one has to ask the question… ‘Really?’
The filters here have not let me down so far.

My dichotomy is bold and proactive(I hope), seeking answers is not the ink well I use and dip my quill into.  The truth of the answer is the question itself, and the truth of the question is why did we ask it.
(see Religion – any)

There are know answers here, unless they are sought, and in that case, see above. 🙂

The writing is simply lines of thought, sometimes uninvited, sometimes not. At times the knarled fingers of this poet cannot keep up with them. At other times, there is naught, and I don’t dwell. Either way, I don’t originate them, they come from elsewhere, yet are within…therefore, they are already ours. Just a rough draft for us to work on and try to put some semblance of grammar and flair to.

They are already immaculate, when they are in the right brain.
(again, see above, and pardon my unveiled attempt at metaphorically produced duplicity…it is inherent)

A credit and a link is all I ask (humbly)for any works published here. Any commercially published works will not be featured here, as I no longer own the rights. More irony. They wonder why I write – it can’t be the wealth of material in this material world, so it must be the lucrative paybacks…(more irony)
Ha.  It is to laugh…merrily.  🙂

Dodge, spin, parry…thrust.
I won’t answer spam though, or otherwise approve comments listed as such.  It’s an awesome filter here on wordpress and I trust it.

Thank you for asking to duplicate my writings, either way.

I am honored, either way, and I will,

write on

Happy Holidays!




2 responses

26 12 2012

I think we are fighting a tide we can not stop! Good luck!!!

26 12 2012

I’m decidedly not fighting it, but your wish of luck I will gladly use elsewhere, as you are right, you can’t stop the spam. Even vultures need to eat, and they are important to the ecosystem… in some misbegotten way. 🙂

The spam filters here work great, wish my older email address did. I’ve had it since Al Gore invented the internet back in the 50’s, and it seems every phisher and genie in a bottle has it. LOL

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