27 12 2012

Just beyond the waking glow, the things the one true spirit knows,
live beyond that closing door, of darkling night and dreamland spore.
All moments ride upon that hem, a silmaryl, a glowing gem.
The time our minds greet waking day, these fleeting moments, fly away.

The moments we were meant to see, and let our mind go roaming free,
amongst the cosmos, glory stands, all earth and sky, all sea and land,
emerging from the depths of sleep, a tapestry still incomplete,
the ever longing dreaming dark, gives in to day, but leaves a spark.

A subtle, baiting, wanton glimpse, of faery wings and water nymphs,
perhaps a side of sylvan glory, or mermaids in an ocean story.
Either way I praise the one, for letting me retain the fun,
that I felt there, upon my waking, while the light of day was breaking.

Grasp it not and it will fall – contemplate, upon the all.
Bring it slowly into story, give the waking mind it’s glory.
Gently as the spirit wakes, iridescent, fall the flakes,
the faery dust of all our spirit, touching us, as we slept near it.




4 responses

27 12 2012
Charron's Chatter

A lovely wending path through the periphery of the imagination. Thanks for the journey! 🙂

27 12 2012

You are most welcome. 🙂

28 12 2012

he faery dust of all our spirit, touching us, as we slept near it.
OH I love this line!!! IT’s so special our spirit and when I touch it and it’s happy I feel SO good. LOVE THIS!

28 12 2012

Me too! The root and law of almost all religion is that simple. Love one another, feel that love within(it is inherent)and pass it on. Divinity. Plain and simple. Once you’ve tasted it, you want more. Give up, give in, go on. Commune.

That feeling we get when we give up all else and become that love is magical. The only thing that matters is that moment and we don’t want it to end. Living this daily is easier than the strife we bring upon ourselves and others, yet the way our society is today makes it very hard to be accepted if you live outside the ‘norm’.

Jesus was an outcast to most also, hated and condemned by many, for preaching this truth. He passed down only one commandment…

“Love one another, as I have loved you.”

All the rest is fluff : Religion, society, written law, government, etc.

This is the truth of god’s law, and it lives in all of us. Love one another. If we do this one thing, all the rest falls into place, regardless of where we hang our hats come Sunday.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Shine on, my friend.

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