Shining Stars

28 12 2012



Be the love you feel inside, become the love that grows.
This dove that flies, must never hide, for your true worth it shows.
Eternal is the vine you are, that ever glowing trace,
maternal love that shines afar, with never slowing pace.

Indigo lights on emerald shores, entrancing all that gaze,
upon the bright and ever more, advancing through the haze.
It loses grace, and has no face, when caged where it begins,
and still it’s trace, has run no race, nor plays with will to win.

Accepting grace that comes to you, upon that moments bliss,
connecting trace of love shines through, when foments come to this.
Fighting not, but giving in, to what our spirit shines.
Lightning hot, it lives within, don’t fear it…  It’s divine.

Mortal thoughts cannot compare, they falter… where love’s felt,
in portals lost, this heart we share, through alters, where we knelt.
Essential is the life we are, in mortal flesh or spirit,
potential measured by the star, which shines when we are near it.


“Love one another, as I have loved you”

One commandment, which covers all. Each religion has this, in one form or another. There are many paths to the truth of what we are. Every human has this capacity to love.  It is inherent of our sentience, which is the greatest gift ever given or received…our free will to think and choose, with emotions.  To some, it is also a curse, but never meant to be…

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”




2 responses

28 12 2012
Charron's Chatter

a very complex rhyme scheme to be able to have such concise speech. Color me impressed, and duly advised. Love is the answer all right. The God in all of us. (PS–your word choice is so mellifluous, too! You’re a true linguist, you are.)

28 12 2012

From you, lady wordsmith, this is such high praise, as I truly respect your use of the language… and, I had to look up mellifluous. 😉 Thank you! Yes, love is the answer, as a great and peaceful man once said.

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