Reasons to be

2 01 2013

We’re here because of life and love, and we were meant to rise above.
To soar on heights still unimagined, to ocean depths as yet unfathomed.
Soaring on a gentle breeze, to redwood heights where spirit sees,
the fruits of labor we amassed, in every moment that has passed.

Moments where we helped a friend, moments where love didn’t end.
Peaceful times we kept that way, though we had something else to say…
The waking thoughts we kept inside, though we lost face, or swallowed pride.
For those are mortal things to bear, to spirits joy they don’t compare.

The – how ya’ doin’ – that we called, when in a hurry at the mall.
Those things we never have to do, are what I think you need to view,
as things we count as winning ways, the peace we spread, is how it pays.
Some remind us of the joy, that may be otherwise employed…

That bubbly soul we come to read, will always win, will still succeed,
by keeping to that path of glory, never mind the other story.
Grinning, smiling, showing faith, she places in the human race,
there’s so much there to still admire, so lovely is her glowing fire.




5 responses

2 01 2013
Charron's Chatter

or: dare to smile at a stranger…expanded. 🙂 Lovely sentiments and bar-setting form.

2 01 2013

Thanks Karen. Random acts…yes. As for the bar setting, if you get there first, order me a buorbon and ginger. 🙂

3 01 2013

I ALWAYS smile at strangers… some never smile back and some do… Luck of the draw!!

3 01 2013

I knew that you did. You inspired this with your comment on ‘The raven laughs’. It is yours and you. My answer to your ‘Why?’ Thanks for the muse. 🙂 The smile is infectious…keep spreading it around.

3 01 2013

OH well thank you!! I hope if I give something away it’s smiles LOL!!!

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