3 01 2013

I can see all those places I’ve wandered, when I flit back to them in my mind.
It’s funny how moments we squandered, seem to sit there and wallow in time.
The mill pond we fished and went wading, the waves on the cresting green sea,
none of these memories fading, all of them wandering free.

From the top of that hill or that mountain – bald faced and drunken on top,
drank we youth, to our fill, from that fountain, running races down memories rocks.

It begins with a gentle breeze blowing, or a silver like rustling of brook,
then a great amber wave that keeps flowing, to a river that rusted my hook.

It is never a bad kind of vision, when I see all those trails I’ve walked,
it’s as if I’m debriefing a mission, as I relive the tales I’ve talked.
All the fields and the streams and the oceans, always find there way into my mind,
like the needs or the dreams or the motions, of the winding great path that I find.

May my feet be there ever upon it, may I always be lost when I’m found,
may we meet, where we wrote our first sonnet, on that mirror embossed in her sound.
In that cave of cathedral like beaches, lies that old sacred place where we prayed,
we were saved… we were far from sins reaches, as we scrabbled through every dismay.

May I ever forget all the wisdom, that I never did have or possess.
May I never regret my decisions, though they taught me to be something less.

Bring that sieve, to my finely jeweled mountains, and cleanse all the dark things away,
sing the beauty of all my youths fountains, and rinse me with sparks as I play.




8 responses

3 01 2013
Katherine Kacey Page

I…um….nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. Check out my blog for details:

3 01 2013

Thank you Katherine, I’m honored. My first two of these just today, will have to get to work posting blogs to send them out to. Many blessings for the new year.

3 01 2013
Katherine Kacey Page

You’re welcome and thanks for the blessings.
Hope you spend a lovely and prosperous year, too.

3 01 2013

So beautiful!

3 01 2013

Thank you!

3 01 2013
Charron's Chatter

Wow, Birch. This may be your best yet. So plaintive and sweet. One thing: I have always admired is how you work a secondary rhyme into your rhyme scheme of ab–cd rhymes. No mean feat, sir, as a fellow rhymer…:)

3 01 2013

Thank you! This one came in and woke me up way too early this morning, but it was worth it. You have to respect those ones that actually get you out of bed. 🙂

3 01 2013

ps-if I knew all the technical aspects of it, I probably couldn’t do it…so be careful not to enlighten me. 😉

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