darkness unrequited

6 01 2013




In honesty blaring, we drank from her fountain,
looking down from her peaks, stumbling down from our mountain.
We came before god that sees all from within,
though we brought not our flesh…

which can still feel sin.

Can you lie to a liar, or steal from a thief?
Betray a betrayer, while love lines her speech?
Can anyone answer the questions not asked?
Can love be the answer…

while hate is her task.

Finding all of the glory, but little of fault,
she locks up the grandeur, in darkling old vaults.
Using sex as a weapon, she tears off her shroud,
they finally hear her…

she’s Laughing Out Loud.

This fetid dark glory, she sought from the start.
The tearing, the rending, the breaking of heart.
This joy that she feels, is what we can’t be…
By tearing them down,

she is setting them free

Yet vengeance still speaks from it’s watery grave.
It’s tendrils all slimy, it seeks to enslave.
Such beauteous wonder, that weapon she wields,
in the great empty caverns of lust…

where he kneels.

The welcoming presence of still true intent,
becomes one – becomes all – her divinity…


He waits without longing, or vengeance, or fear.
Because that’s what she thrives on…

and what she reveres.




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7 01 2013


7 01 2013

Thanks…this was one of those that came from the muse to the page in just a few minutes, almost faster than I could write. the raven speaks was the same. It made for my first 3 post day, though these 2 sat in drafts for a bit…undecided. This is not my regular style-or thoughts. I figured they deserved some light also, as I was sure it would speak to some, and came from somewhere beyond/above me. There is grace and love and kindness in all, darkness included. Without dark, would there be light…or without lessons, would we know the difference in the two and respect both equally, as we must? Thanks for reading and the lovely comment! Profound is so far beyond what I felt when posting these. 🙂

8 01 2013

I find that most do not include “darkness” in the same realm as love and kindness…..to me it is profound that you see that and have a muse that allows you to write it. Thank you for sharing…..yes I find some poems come so quickly the words cannot keep up to the inspiration. I know what you mean by regular style…..”playful pink pants” was like that for me, but it begged to be not only written, but put to the public forum……as you say, who knows who may need to read it for whatever reason,,,,poets are but the channel and conduit of something greater. Blessings!

8 01 2013

So true. The muse you spoke of sometimes not only allows, but insists, though I prefer the ‘fluffy bunny’ poems that I write/convey/perform/do. Without darkness, there can be no light, and vice – versa. Physically true at least. I find most physical truths correspond to a spiritual truth(divine symbology, perhaps). I know that the darkness I have felt has surely made who me who i Am, as much as the light, though sometimes the lessons are painful.
Many blessings to you also. 🙂

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