the raven speaks

6 01 2013




 *       ever more        *


The raven speaks from yonder tree,
of lust released and love set free.
Croaking in it’s ever voice.
It speaks of will.
It speaks of choice.
It speaks of how the lamplights sender,
knows not race and knows not gender.

Softly goes the messenger now,
circling on it’s ever vow,
to speak to those who tread forever,
where angels walked,
not now…

 nor ever.

For loves true fountain cannot fail,

there is no path, or way impaled,
upon that once forgotten shrine,

where spirit dwells, and ever shines.

The place within, that ever presence,
born of kings, and born of peasants.
Where gender knows not flesh, nor morals.
The sender – life – from dead sea corrals.
The raven speaks, and I yet listen,
in that light, may spirit glisten,
through her fair forever forest,
where true heart roams,
forever lawless.




5 responses

6 01 2013

Exceptional meter and flow…and message as well! Much enjoyed the reading and many thanks for sharing…
Rachael 🙂

7 01 2013
Katherine Kacey Page

That was splendid!!

10 01 2013
Charron's Chatter

love this…love Ravens…;)

10 01 2013

Me too…though I feared that voice once. 😉

10 01 2013

I absolutely love this poem!

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