Natures Order

7 01 2013

The river



Decades pass like seasons… and years without a glance.
Before we even realize, our flesh has left the dance.
Spirit flows within you and then it flows without.
Let it be, just like a tree, your spirit has no doubt.

Others came before you, stewards of the land,
here they lived as one, and didn’t try to understand.
They worshipped only nature, and spirits loving trace,
they listened not to others, who did not feel it’s grace.

They lived the graceful majesty of kind and loving seas,
they lived within the fantasy that we were meant to be…
They flourished with the seasons change, that passed with every spin,
they nourished what was rearranged… creation knows not sin.

Honor, love and courage, ideals of the past.
Some who came before us, had meant for them to last.
Flowing with creation, they left upon the vine,
the fruit that you can ever eat, your water – sacred wine.

Flowing from within you, and melding high above,
all that blissful feeling, is that immortal love.
Patience as a virtue, concinnity a guide,
letting love flow freely now, from where it dwells inside.

This river does not know me, nor does it really care.
This tree doesn’t either, but it lets me breath its air.
A lesson to be learned here, we’ve got to learn to care.
It’s natures real order… just live and love and share.




2 responses

7 01 2013

Timely reminder.

7 01 2013

A lot of that going around.

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