8 01 2013

A spiral spinning, deeping…charged
within the minds of men.
A viral thinning, reaping…large
a kin to find again.

A stone on water, lightly cast,
betrays a wary glimpse.
A crone and daughters, nightly splash,
of fey and scary nymphs.

But time does not betray its trust,
as we of will have dared.
A rhyme besot will lay and rust,
if free, and still unshared.

The growing tree, debris and dust,
appeared when time was new.
The knowing fee – release our lust –
is feared as morning dew.

For ever forward, deeping…charged,
we spin onto our way.
A spiral grinning, reaping….large,
begins anew each day.

Though whole we seem, by rock and root,
our spirit lays in two.
The role and dream, the sock and boot,
we fear it…fey and moot.

Yet in our soul, a voice speaks free,
the lurid gift of man.
Beginning whole, a choice we be…
and heard across the span.

A new age dawns, and carries on,
the spinning of the soul.
A doe and fawn, that greets the dawn,
lie grinning…they are whole.




6 responses

8 01 2013
marga t.

Love this poem sublime! I’m am attaching a song I blogged about that your piece reminds me of, thematically. The music may not be your taste, but if you turn off the sound, the lyrics remind me of the spiral journey of which you speak:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS7CZIJVxFY
Thanks for sharing this poem!

8 01 2013

Wow. Yep, that’s it, and it explains the parts I was still unsure of(in the poem). I may attach that video to the post-true not my usual taste, but it rocks, and my tastes are broadening lately, as I become more entranced/convinced of the great melting pot that we are. Many are getting this message. 🙂 With three million hits it’s a confirmation of a wave for me. Thank you so much for sharing this.
ps-I LOVE those hubble pics…have you seen the hand?

8 01 2013
marga t.

Somehow I missed it. Google pics of the hand – magnificent. Thanks. Nice to confirm the wave – more and more 🙂

9 01 2013

Indeed. 🙂 Write on.
Many blessings.

10 01 2013
Charron's Chatter

Ahhh. I LOVE the break in style, Birch. Way to spread your metered wings!! More!!

7 03 2013

An earthy poem, with heart, give me the feeling of waking in a forest, which is a great place to be..

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