Light requited

9 01 2013

Floating on the ethers waves, though still not sure how to behave,
a poet asks his pen to tell, the tale it seems to know so well,
when guided by that ancient light – indigo waves still flowing bright.
He writes them down and sends them on, as spirit dances to their song.

His heart and soul and mind are captured – all he is becomes enraptured,
with what his muse allows his view… indigo – green, with azure hue.
Waves of softly flowing love, a spiral spinning from above,
at least that’s where it seems to be, filling sails on endless seas.

Celestial visions, cross his eyes, an ebb and flow of rising tides.
A lamplight glows within the mind, he does not seek, and yet he finds,
the peaceful feeling of the sound, that crystal snows leave on his ground,
the waking thoughts of clarity, left by dreams where he could see.

Inspirations from the mind, that leaves his sullied flesh behind,
in waves of glory, speaks the sound, telling stories, he has found.
Amongst the brightest legends there, he has no worries, has no cares,
when to this treasure he is bound, by velvet chains and sacred ground.

He feels not lust, in lamplight gleaming, defines it not, nor seeks it’s meaning.
Riding waves of sheer delight, he feels not pain, nor grief, nor fright.
That ever peaceful violet wave, he seeks to write and somehow save,
for when our flesh again grows tired, or in illusion, we are mired.




2 responses

10 01 2013
Charron's Chatter

Best lines for me: “that leaves his sullied flesh behind” & “all he is becomes enraptured”. Wow, Birch. What an epic write about…er…epic writing!! Only a scribe knows the life force behind the pen, and you captured–and enraptured–it beautifully. 🙂

10 01 2013

Inspiration from her mind leaves his body behind! Love it!

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