10 01 2013




Softly the muse calls

from the dimly lit corner of the room,


the raven, hermes incarnate,  brings together
multiplying fragments of wonder,
though they dash from the darkness as if troubled.
Light coalesces, invades, becomes, melds


The journey begins as it has before.
Soft footfalls begging forgiveness
of the treads where she has walked…


lies the body of one who has left the realms
of known and entered another.
Paths interwoven, promises whispered,

oaths shattered,

on the nights gossamer threads,

he rides,

the dark moon aloft,
awaiting another passenger of fate,
clasping hands with

The ferryman.

He waits this side of the river,
obol disks clinging to cold thin lips,
as though the bough is lost…
though with it,

they return





3 responses

13 01 2013
Charron's Chatter

see…I LIKE this style enormously well, too. Love the ferryman at the end, particularly, oh wink wink..But seriously, there’s a lot of power when the rhyme scheme comes off–like the nakedness of sentiment or something…

13 01 2013

or something, indeed…You always seem to see something here I didn’t. Lovely! Glad it spoke to you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

13 01 2013

ps-the italicized words were meant to stand on there own here. That was the ferryman’s poem. Within, without, above, below…the proverbial warden of the bridge at the end of the path, so to speak.

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