The mystery…

15 01 2013

Love lies waiting, not desperate,
as our flesh can be.
A shelf where it sits, above, below, within.
Not to be defined, nor qualified, by proof.
God is not in all things.
God is all things.
That is oneness.

Leaving the self behind
while embracing, becoming this love,
is divinity.
The body,
our flesh,
is illusion.
The spirit is truth.

The feeling that we are connected,
and that being all things,
we are therefore responsible for them,
is the only hope we have.
for us
for we
for our mother earth

The truth of our love,
our divinity,
our inner light,
will remain undefined,
as we walk the many paths
to our collective goal…




The mystery of love.




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17 01 2013


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