Gathering Day

18 01 2013

A stillness sings the land again, as ice flows through it’s veins.
Hoarfrost clings to bog and fen, and etches window panes.
A lasting vision, it does bring, to this icy, vast expanse…
It’s essence swims, ensconced within, this eternal song and dance.

Aurora’s screaming silently, paint winters sky with veils,
cleansing, dreaming – quietly – such beauty they entail…
Stark and lovely, glows the night, in shimmers, brightly glowing.
The half moon rises, shedding light, and glimmers, as it’s growing.

The bitter wind that blew last night, left promises behind,
of sunshine gained and growing light, each day it slowly climbs.
Until at last, the stars will fall, yet somehow they remain,
while sunlight bright, brings day to night, and seasons turn to change.




One response

18 01 2013

“The bitter wind … left promises”
Enjoyed this one enormously!

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