19 01 2013



Timeless energies…. entwined,
a ripening fruit… on rotting old vines.
The fate of all, entombed within,
archaic impressions, of what is our sin.
Useless laments of gathering dust,
glittering gold…. these waters now rust.
Behaving as lovers on gathering shores,
newly inventing the things we adore.

Captivate… cultivate….
romance and enchant,
knowing we can,
when we’re told that we can’t.
Believing not fate,
that has never been proved,
feeling instead,

how the spirit is moved.

Giving in to the energy,
solemnly felt,
in the crystal cathedrals,
where spirit has knelt.

Letting go of the old, and embracing the new,
from the paramount height, of our singular view.
Soaring high in our hearts, and enjoying the dew,
that moistens the spirit, our flesh never knew.




2 responses

25 01 2013
Charron's Chatter

I adore the rhythm on this, Paul. Plus the everything else, but there is always something definite that stands out to me about your work. Also, its hopefulness is like a written, burning candle!

25 01 2013

Thanks so much Karen. Much love…

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