1 02 2013

I believe in the air, as I consciously breath.

I believe in the fire, whose grace burns in me.

I believe in the water, that cleanses and heals.
I believe in the earths’ loving face in the trees.

I ponder the vision of poets and sages.
I ponder the power of witches and mages.
I ponder the ones testing truth within cages.
I ponder the ones preaching truth through the ages.

I believe in the sky, shining day, darkling night.
I believe in the stars, as I bask in their light.
I believe in the earth, and her grace, and her might.
I believe in sweet luna and love her each night.

My heart and my mind can find truth in each one.
Though my spirit will hide until ponderings done.
With the soul of a mage and the heart of a sun,
I’ll take what I can – that is truth – or have none.

Being the truth that is spoken and grown,
keeping pure as the water – the fire – the stone.
Rising above those who long for a throne,
being happy with life as a dog with a bone.

These are the things I am longing to be.
These are my wishes that sail on a sea,
where the soul swims as one, within others – so free.
Where our truth is our love, and that love, is in me.




10 responses

1 02 2013

That’s beautiful!

6 02 2013
Charron's Chatter

dig the new rhyme schematic, Birch Man! No easy task, finding the right word…4X over!

6 02 2013

Thanks Karen! Been busy here lately, but this one squeaked till I let it out…still needs some work though. Always a pleasure to read your comments.

6 02 2013
Charron's Chatter

haha…I know that squeaking noise!!

14 02 2013


This is for you, for being kind to others and me,

Sweet Valentine greetings, Summer

24 02 2013
24 02 2013
© Stephen M. Miniotis

Thank you for inspiring me. I have linked to this particular poem on my blog at

26 02 2013

Sorry I missed you Stephen. I am having technical difficulties and I am only able to get online sporadically. Thanks for reading and sharing! Peace and love.

4 04 2013

Love this! Beautiful!

4 04 2013

Thanks, Heather. Loved your blog also. Thanks for stopping by!

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