Ship of Fools

2 04 2013

We make our plastic, from the oil, raped and stolen from the soil.
The sacred ground of Mother Earth-to us the landfill counts her worth.
We have so many choices there, but those who rule, just do not care.
They sell it to us every day, heedless of the price we pay.

We burn her coal, to make our power… billions wasted every hour.
Splitting atoms, frakking gas, so some rich dude can warm his ass,
upon his morning throne so heated-is that power really needed?
Not if any child goes hungry-the rich dude should have sent his money.

Still our race ignores the things, that now could save her crown and rings,
technology could stem the tide, where now our comfort does abide,
in sullied riches, that we see, as things we need…I don’t agree.
Will future generations pay, the price we put on them today?

Our greed becomes our new false idol, this new found quest is not survival,
it has become a quest of fools, where being lazy is the rule.
We’ve stolen rivers and killed for power, the price we pay for nice hot showers,
while children die in foreign lands, where we refused to take a stand.

Timeless voices speak once more, from mountain tops and golden shores.
A billion pixels dance and sing, from modern mans’ new fairy ring,
the internet, the world wide web, the tide of data’s flow and ebb.
The voice of reason speaks the word, within yourself, though seldom heard.

I hope that when my kids get old, the stories change that will be told.
They’ll speak of heroes proud and true, of selfless people that they knew,
that went against the given norm, that braved the fast approaching storm,
and stood for mother earth instead, not believing she was dead.




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