Three Sisters

4 04 2013


Can we fly again? Is it ever too late?
Are the threads not still spun, by the sisters of fate?
Does not each moment, exist in all others?
Are we not the twins, of two separate mothers?
The fire ignited can never be stilled.
I breath it’s light daily, my essence is filled,
by the glow of it’s embers, my spirit enhanced,
I still feel your music, and join in the dance.

Bereft of my teacher, but not of my fate,
in silence I wander, and stand at the gate.
Though fame has it’s fortune, it’s not what I want,
though I sleep in its shadow – its essence I haunt.
I seek not the pleasure, of silver and gold,
while my body grows weary, my spirit is bold.
With her crown and her sceptre, I stand, or I fall.
Or this life that I’ve led, will mean nothing at all.




2 responses

5 04 2013

Powerful and dramatic, very effective, love the classical references.

5 04 2013

Thank you my friend. I’ve been offline for a while, but will stop by for a good read today.

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