10 04 2013


Once again the wheel spins, a season ends and one begins.
Portions of my waking mind, seem to leave the past behind.
Silent wait the sleeping thoughts, the well made bed of well tied knots,
reality of mind and spirit, await me in the lamplight near it.

Still the mind and calm the brain, where thoughts still sing their dark refrain,
a thousand voices scream and shout, blocking blessed lamplight out.
Above the din, I hear no call, the silence whispers not at all.
Calmly now, I rise. I rise. My soul knows bliss, and sheds its guise.

Moving forward, falling back, thinking not of what I lack,
seeing only of my essence, floating softly in this presence.
Leaving all the expectations, spun in gold and finest laces,
mortal thoughts cannot compare, to all the peace I feel there.

Then raven flies and softly calls, within…and yet-above it all.
I know the voice and what it wants, it knows not death, and yet it haunts,
the moments that I spend in waking, conscious of the trip Iā€™m taking,
feeling all the truth of spirit, basking in the lamplight near it.

Returning is the hardest thing, a pheonix now, with broken wing.
Lamplight softly glowing there, a velvet glow, beyond compare.
Knowing that I cannot stay, I heed the voice and drift away…
Again I pass the veils portal, once again becoming mortal.




4 responses

10 04 2013
Khaula Nazir

I loved that….

11 04 2013


11 04 2013

That’s beautiful! I felt like I was floating along in the rhythm of it!

18 04 2013

Love how each stanza travels, then when I read the last two, I found myself going back to the first three, to see if I might be able to relate a different bird of flight to each in what is being expressed. I have not gotten far on that thought, as I opted to comment first, and then read again, to ponder in the travels. A poem that evokes different feelings of travel, and vast distances in the mind, I like how it does it in the way.

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