1 05 2013

Another day begins on one side of this big blue ship we call earth.
A night begins on the other half.
These things happen at a certain time in an almanac,
they are perpetual, repeated, timeless, unplanned,
though we may write them on a schedule,
our insignificant race being who we are.
On the day the dinosaurs died, the earth spun, the sun rose,
the moon went around the big blue sphere again,
even though our future fossil fuel didn’t keep track of it on their home page.
While each sphere did it’s own separate dance, they still moved to the same ageless tune,
uncaring if there was a scorekeeper, or a fact checker,
or a widget to tell them what they already knew.
Although they did not know or understand the workings of these events,
as we believe we do, did it matter?  The cycles continued regardless…

Dinosaurs died, became our fuel, which we used to light neon signs,
and warm our shaving cream, or our collective asses,
so we could return prettily to the rat race,
day after day,
(which the rats are still winning, BTW)
and make some more cash,
to spend on power,
to warm our shaving cream and our collective asses.
Tesla probably did have it right, but you can’t charge people for free power,
‘Who needs it’.

Said J. P. Morgan

Those are cycles also, just not natural cycles.
They are man made.
You can tell from how preposterous it sounds when you say it out loud,
or write it down.

Today I pray to the one true god, and all the other gods,

(In other words, all the mythical figures that our silly little race has created in our ongoing quest to define the undefinable, while using only ten percent of our tiny little minds)

that whoever/whatever burns us for fuel,
billions of years from now,
has a little bit more respect,

(even though we probably won’t deserve it)

and is perhaps,
a little wiser, a little less greedy, and not so hung up on vanity.
I don’t think that’s much of a stretch, all things considered,
and I hope it’s not too much to ask.




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