Common Sense

3 05 2013

What we call moral values, we read in fine books,
mostly written by prophets, and lawyers, and crooks.
With all of the wisdom, now at our disposal,
should we not try to act, on a better proposal?

Perhaps we should pause, and compare all the data.
Or perhaps we could live by some morals that matter.
We know in our hearts, and our souls, what is right,
regardless of which god we pray to at night.

We know that the seas are now filling with plastic,
those waters feed half the worlds people-that’s tragic.
We know that the ice caps are melting-it’s true.
Science knows better ways to bring power to you.

If we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it.
It’s not about comfort, or how we entreat it.
Imagine the world we could have if we changed,
if the wealth that we covet was all… rearranged.

If we fed all the children, that die every day,
if our weapons were wheat, we could do it, I say.
Turning swords into plow shares, is what we should do.
That got someone elected-that bill is past due.

Instead of comparing, what we have to lose,
instead of not sharing, or having to choose,
perhaps we should see, what our leaders do not,
and always be grateful, for what we have got.

Their health plans are simple-they receive the best care.
They become what we let them-where elections are fair.
Spending billions and billions, on commercials and such,
and we pick up the tab-they never go Dutch.

If this was old Rome, that we live in right now,
then these are false idols-to them do we bow.
It’s not so much different, wherever you travel,
apathy and indifference, at the stroke of a gavel.

I don’t have an answer-or barely a clue,
but the mood now is different-as is our view,
of the world that surrounds us, and flies us through space,
and the truths that confound us, like rats in a maze.

Lying deep in the valleys, the mountains, the shores,
of the green loving planet, that we all adore,
is the truth of existence, it lives in all things,
our universe dances, to songs that it sings.
It’s truth is abundant, where it can bleed through,
it lives on forever, in me and in you.
It is not existential, or mythic, or blind,
it is in every song, every heart, every rhyme.
It goes on repeating, each rhyme and each note,
it’s essence is fleeting-it’s pattern is rote.
It is just like a site, on the great world wide web,
it is felt like a tide, in the flow and the ebb.

But these are just words, that I write on a page,
I am not a prophet, a priest, or a sage.
This tide speaks in rhymes, that I’m honored to write,

if our leaders would listen…

would they sleep well tonight?




2 responses

4 05 2013

Reblogged this on Nayuiq.

10 05 2013
Charron's Chatter

a broad stroke of goodness. Also, I like how you varied your rhyme scheme a bit here from your tried and true. I’ve tried it–it;s hard to rhyme twice within a line!!

great message. I would vote for you. 🙂

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