Path of Stars

7 05 2013

Starlight dances in our night, a glimmering source of infinite light.
The faery dust we only see, when dark prevails and blindness frees,
the stars that ever shine and glow, an endless, timeless, magic show.
Spiraling on celestial winds, to end the dance where it begins.

So many things can we compare, to magic in the gloom out there,
there is such darkness, and such light, within ourselves, both day and night.
It takes the two, to make a whole, and which we choose, becomes our soul.
Unlike most, we have that choice, our gift free will-which we can voice.

The ever turning, raging orbs, shedding light which we absorb,
seem so mindless, in their dance, their paths not fettered, by romance.
Their roads are chosen, cycles spun, within the race, forever run,
by spirals softly spinning out, without a fear, without a doubt.

Our free will is a kingly gift, the finest sand the hourglass sifts.
The other creatures on this earth, embrace survival, and it’s worth.
What we have is a gift to man, perhaps unique across the span,
although this tiny mind can see, there may be others just like me.

We need not prove ourselves to them, or to each other-that is Zen.
The only thing that really counts, is if our light was shining out.
There is no score-no final tally, at the end of life’s blind alley,
that matters more than where we stood, amongst the evil-or the good.




2 responses

10 05 2013
Charron's Chatter

wow. dig the Biblical allusion (brought to mind: the lilies neither toil nor struggle to grow) and I adore the yin-yang factor you brought in, as well. There is something about the wee hours that is magical still…

10 05 2013

So true, that quote. It is just what they do, naturally. Thanks for stopping by!

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