Love Light

8 05 2013

An earth bound man, on angels wings, enraptured with the song she sings.
A feeling that he’s never known, the places where his heart has flown.
The wonder and the unique grace, of where the light has left it’s trace,
upon the hardened roads of man, as it continued, cross the span.

A never dying, fleeting grace, that greets us when we turn our face,
to everything that does exist, amongst the still undying bliss,
of love and laughter, peace and joy, the bold emotions, we employ,
when we are truly, what we are, an ever blazing, blinding star.

We sail upon ethereal seas, adrift upon a gossamer breeze,
that gently ever, blows and drifts, while in our mind, it gently sifts,
emotions that we thought were ours, but grow forever in the bowers,
of love lights garden, standing tall, rising high above it all.

It is our choice if we accept-if we rise, to where it’s kept.
Or plant it in our darkest tomb, or leave it lying, in the womb,
of what our short existence is-a moment in the timeless bliss.
That is the truth of Love’s sweet light, and how it shines, by day or night.




4 responses

8 05 2013

That’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing your amazing voice. Much Love, Sandy

8 05 2013

Thank you, Sandy. Much love right back. 🙂

10 05 2013
Charron's Chatter

now I have some time to remark–and remark I must. You know, Paul, you are kind of like a poet-guru. You paint these portraits of how life could be, if only humankind would stop being the everything bad that we’ve become. It’s definitely your niche–and your forte. I think you should start a poetic…um…ethic, or creed! You could be mas-tah…really unique stuff, and awesome viewpoint.

10 05 2013

Thanks for commenting, Karen. The point of all these ones is that we are all masters, through our free will we make choices that define our creed, daily.

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