14 05 2013

If you were a god, and were blessed with the sight,
to see all, each bright day, and each darkling night,
would you suffer the evil, that seems out of hand,
or would you intervene… somehow take a stand.

If the thoughts of all mortals, passed through your great mind,
would you suffer the fools, who are cruel and unkind.
Would you answer the prayers you hear every night,
or defend all the children, that tremble with fright.

When the great dogs of war, send out clarion calls,
would you silence their tongues-would you cause them to fall.
When your self serving leaders, sent out their young men,
would you flush out the old, so the new could begin.

If the universe watched through our eyes every day,
and if it didn’t judge us, or things that we say,
if instead it observed, what we truly could be,
would it really be happy, with what our eyes see?

If it wasn’t concerned with some great final glory,
if instead it was simply… an infinite story
told not in the books, that are written by men,
but instead to their souls, when their flesh found it’s end?

Would we then see things different, or change what we’ve done,
never fight all the wars, that we think that we’ve won?
Would we then feed the poor, bring the homeless to beds,
would we now want that more, than what we chose instead?

The universe stumbles, along it’s great path,
unconcerned with forgiveness, or dealing it’s wrath.
Amazing… confounding…. while blazing it’s way,
on it’s path of not knowing, the role that it plays.

The truth of existence, stands brazen and stark.
It is all up to us, be it craven or dark.

Free will is a gift.

I imagine that’s true

but if it was our god,
would it like,
what it views?




4 responses

14 05 2013

What a beautiful message – you inspire me. Thanks for that. Much Love, Sandy

14 05 2013

Thanks Sandy. That’s a heartwarming compliment, and much appreciated.
Much Love.

14 05 2013

This one is a beauty, thoroughly meaningful and I got deep in it. Wish to write something that meaningful someday. Cheers !!

15 05 2013

I’m humbled by this comment. Cheers indeed, and thank you.

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