Night and Day

16 05 2013

Day strolls out on it’s storied path,
not accepting or giving,
anything other than what it is.
Night follows in moonlit whispers,
bringing silence to the embered light that came before.

A swallow moves flittingly
within the blood red of the passing day
as light weds dark.
Eternal vows forever renewed.

The meeting marks the beginning of the absence
the two will share throughout time.
The perpetual meetings of dusk and dawn,
fleeting moments that soon will be gone.
Infinite lovers
content with the brief touch
that brings life to the world.
Emotions not found there
in the tattered, brief meeting,
but elicited from the viewers
of this perpetual dance,
as the poets allude,
to this somber romance.




2 responses

16 05 2013

Beautiful poem; thanks for sharing this! I will follow your blog so I can read more later on!

I have a writing blog that I started after self-publishing my first novel. Please check it out and share your writing experiences with me!

16 05 2013

Good luck GD, and thanks for reading.

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