Strength and Power

17 05 2013

Humanity, will one day see, the chains that bind our liberty.
Our greed and vengeance, gold and riches, lying sterile, in the ditches,
in the trenches, where we fought, where twisted values once were taught.    Then will come our brightest age, our truth released from gilded cage.

When we admit, we are divine… that truth becomes our grand design.
The evolution, of our spirit… begins when we no longer fear it.
Duality – becomes untrue…  lost when we begin anew,
to covet what we never lost… deep within it is embossed.

The glow within, that inner light, illuminates our darkest night,
the ever silent, speaking voice, that knows the truth of every choice,
our vessels compass, tried and true, that navigates our moral view,
the path is clear, when we begin, to take direction from within.

It is the truth of every word, forever yearning, to be heard,
above the din, which is our mind, it’s silence golden, we will find,
when we begin, to send it out, from deep within, bereft of doubt,
the cosmos will again be ours… that is strength – and that is power.




4 responses

17 05 2013

That read like liquid honey. Music to my ears and very powerful. The first verse in particular resonates very strongly with me. Thank you for this.

17 05 2013

Thank you for reading, Ishaiya. What a beautiful comment! Positively glowing. 🙂
I’m so glad the strong intent of the first verse came through.
Many blessings.

18 05 2013

It really did. I’m a great believer in the power of intent behind words. As a synaesthete and intuitive channel that is always what I respond to first. I’m glad I read it correctly 🙂
Blessings to you

20 05 2013

Beautiful – as always! Much Love, Sandy

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