Voices of Reason

19 05 2013

Blow with me, said the wind, my path is clear, and knows not sin.
Shine with me, said the sun, your journey has not yet begun.
Fall with me, said the rain, I know not fear, I know not pain.
Stand with me, said the trees, for from me comes the air you breath.
Float with me, said the ocean, my tides set greater things in motion.
Rise with me, said the mountain, for from me flows your purest fountain.
Set with me, said the moon, my power makes the oceans swoon.
Wish with me, said the stars, I bring you light, from near and far.
Sing with me, said the universe, I am the chorus, you are the verse.

Love me…
Be at peace with me…

Respect me.

Said mother earth.
Worship me not,
yet value my worth.




9 responses

20 05 2013

Another very inspirational piece.

20 05 2013

Thanks for reading, my friend. 🙂

20 05 2013

I love where you are coming from with all of these. Thank you for being you.
Much Love, Sandy

20 05 2013

Thank you Sandy. Always a joy to read your comments. Much Love.

20 05 2013

I thought a lot about this comment, Sandy. It amazes me, the voices I see here, and on other sites. There are so many of us that see the wrongs and the rights, and have the wisdom or vision to know the difference-it’s hard to believe that we are a minority, those of us who believe in peace and love and social justice. It makes me wonder who exactly it is that wants the opposite, and why society in general trudges along on this path of indifference.
Thanks for reading Sandy, and for appreciating the viewpoint, which I think many of us share.
Much Love and peace to you.

22 05 2013
Charron's Chatter

really REALLY dig how you are stretching your wings verse-wise. This is just great. So powerful. So matter of fact. Sharing to the FeeBs…:)

22 05 2013

I’m glad it came across as matter of fact, my friend. That’s a great comment, I appreciate it. 🙂

22 05 2013

A beautiful message wrapped beautifully.

22 05 2013

Thank you, Russ, and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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