Joining the Dance

21 05 2013

Softly sings that ever song, the lonesome dance goes ever on.
The spirit lights the path now taken, lamplight glows as souls awaken.
Inherent thoughts now rise above, the rose still clenched in fisted glove.
Love and laughter light the road, that leads us to our new abode…

Many souls awaken there, trading what the spirit shared,
while they walked that lonely path, embracing love, forsaking wrath.
Lost they’re not, in lamplight gleaming, truth is what they found in dreaming,
of the things the spirit is, the breathless passion, timeless bliss.

Seek it not, and we will find, the things our bodies left behind,
upon the path of flesh and blood, the rising tide, the coming flood.
We are spirit, we are flesh, the sacred tools, we seek to mesh,
within each moments blazing time, that golden light that spirit shines.

Undefined… the spirit lifts, and from our soul it gently sifts,
the thoughts unkind, our vessels truth, with golden light that marked our youth.
Our mortal thoughts lie unaware – illusions of the flesh we bear.
When we are spirit, we are strong – we join the dance, and sing along.




6 responses

21 05 2013

So tender and beautifully understated.

21 05 2013

On second read, I suppose it is understated, though I thought it bold and brazen while writing it. Thanks for reading, friend, and the thoughtful comment. Blessings.

21 05 2013

hey! No!
Understated is good in an English kind of way 😉

21 05 2013

Brilliant! Indeed it is!
I had forgotten the face of my fathers.
Cry your pardon. 😉

21 05 2013

I like the gentle rhythm…. A beautiful messge and very eloquently expressed! tomas ☼

21 05 2013

Thank you Tomas-loved your blog also. 🙂

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