The Wisdom of Youth

22 05 2013

Timeless voices call again, from plains and prairies, bog and fen.
Ageless whispers on the wind, ending now where they begin.
Sounding on the wondering ears, of those who listen – those who hear.
The ones who feel the earths great truth, the wisdom of our graceful youth.

The longing cries of gulls and crows, lost we were, within their throes.
Waves releasing on the beach, seeking there, what she released,
from her great sieve, her wondrous oceans, magic spells within the motions,
of the tides perpetual grind, treasures there we’d always find.

Running careless through her sands, our skin becoming dark and tanned.
Swimming in the bright green waters, fathers sons and mothers daughters.
In our youth, we felt her grace, and as we age, we feel a trace,
of all the beauty that she is, her loving touch and tender bliss.

Returning now, to youth we lost, does not entail any cost.
The wonder that we felt so strong, her blissful dance and ever song,
lives on – though we may heed it not – if we so choose, it will be lost,
replaced by things we wanted more, while youth still dances on her shore.




8 responses

22 05 2013

I can internalize the words you wrote.

24 05 2013

I love your poems, they read like incantations; and as if by magic a door is unlocked within the soul, and from it pours many riches and wondrous things that gladden the heart and brighten the eyes!

24 05 2013

Thanks so much Mari, I’m honored by the feelings you get when reading these. I feel the same way when writing these, sometimes, and it’s lovely, almost trance like. Thank you!

24 05 2013

[smiling] I’m loving the way people are slowly calling me by different names on WP. How interesting that you should have chosen Mari.
For me too writing poetry is intoxicating sometimes. It’s a wonderful and very satisfying experience.

24 05 2013

I read most of your blog. If I’m going to comment or like, I think it’s a matter of respect for the artist to do so.

Mari seemed to me to be your preference, and I think it’s tres cool, and fitting.

It’s refreshing to see someone as open as you are about what you do, and not trying at the same time to dig in peoples wallets. Some talents are meant to be shared freely, or they lose their value, in my(sometimes humble) opinion.


25 05 2013
Charron's Chatter

your words are like brush strokes really, a gentle caress–and always an ideal to which to aspire. I like the use of different fonts for emphasis, too, and the notion that there was wisdom in youth…because there really was…a different kind of wisdom–maybe just knowing how to be in the moment more–without knowing that was important!! haHA! That is how they getcha…;)

25 05 2013

My thoughts exactly!

25 05 2013

Your concise interpretation was so lovely, I forgot to say thank you for the even more lovely comment-it’s so wonderful to be thought of as an artist by someone of your wit, intelligence, and talent. I’m honored. Thank you.

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