what the hell

8 06 2013

Carried away,  they are, on that wisp, of human emotion.
Guilt, Want, Desire, Need,
Love. Hate, Despite, Greed.
The things a vessel bears, may weigh heavily, on it’s eternity,
or be as light as a god particle feather, on it’s eternity,
as it plods it’s way to the vast ending of it’s well known final port…
That is not for them to K(No)w.
No mortal eye sees truly into that glass of finality.
Hence, the blur of that humanity, leaves sepia toned edges.



that brief moment of true thought portrayed in the picture of it’s truth.
Short was that moment in time.

A Cosmic light… switched on.

Then, just as quickly, it buzzes and dies,

and you K(no)w

(not this time)

you have to change it.

That kind of moment, to put it in human terms, and conceptions of time…

and eternity.

Lost are we, indeed, on the paths of men.
A last, sordid detail, in a soon forgone conclusion,
of that god particle sized blink that we are,

that spans generations.

(In our god particle sized moment of human thought.)

“A pity…
Said no one at all, for they were gone.

lost in a sea of themselves, swimming carelessly neath the bristles,
of the timeless brush…


…and it’s endless pursuit…

of what they thought was happiness…
although it was actually just telling them,

… what they wanted to hear.
Touching it’s harshness, barely wincing, while basking in the fleshy touch of it’s


which felt good.

Living, seemingly.… slowly…

the demise of their purpose unknown,


Truth lies not here. , … so far.
But there is a razor thin line inscribed by the finest god particle tool,
that separates us from it.

If not…

what the hell.

Why make it seem worse then it may already be.

That, also, is not for them to K(No)w…




4 responses

8 06 2013

“neath the bristles of the timeless brush”
So much here that is uniquely brilliant.
My compliments.

8 06 2013

Thanks so much my friend, I thought so too, though there is much more to this methinks, in all of us. An endless well. Thanks for reading. 🙂

10 06 2013

Wow, I feel like there is something in this one that holds a message for me, but I can’t quite make it out at this moment. I’ll definitely be back to read this again. Much Love, Sandy

12 06 2013

I always hope there is a message or meaning for each person who reads my poems, and that each one is a little different. I am really just passing these on as they come to me, for the most part.

For me, this one was about how short a time we have here as flesh and blood, individually, and as a race. How very little we know as fact, and how much we can learn if we keep our minds open-and conversely, how little progress we will make if we don’t, being doomed to repeat the history of mistakes that is the legacy of our race.

It’s about being selfless as opposed to selfish, following our own path and listening to that inner voice, as opposed to blindly following a set of rules someone else passed on in the name of (G)god… supposedly. It’s mostly about not fearing the fear that kind of thinking breeds, but instead, embracing the love that it should have been.

For me, anyway, that is mostly where this one comes from. I hope you find something in it also.

Much love and peace.

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