Very Inspiring Blogger Award/Nominations

Very Inspiring Blogger

I was nominated fror this by a very inspiring blogger, with a very inspiring blog.  I love the special insights there, amongst the inspirations and aspirations, but mostly I love the Love.  It’s so cool.  🙂  All you need.

Thank you, my friend for the thoughts and well wishes.  I am going to send it straight back, as I get such inspiration from your site(s).

khaula naxir

The rules for this blog: Display the award logo, link back to the person who nominated you, state 7 things about yourself, nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

Eight things about myself, rounding up(#3 is about a friend).  Thinking inspirations.

1.) I love the sound of silence – when it’s cold and still, and the air just crackles.

2.) I love a warm fire to come back to on those nights.

3.) My (he’s really his own… just ask him) little dog, a Jack Russell mini – mix, always knows the warmest spots in the house.

4.) I love him too, though he is reluctant to give up those spots, and growls a bit, now that he is getting a bit longer in the tooth.

5.) I can’t wait to take down the christmas tree, and I may not wait till tomorrow.

6.) I love traditions, just not the kind that shed on my floor, and clog up my vacuum cleaner.

7.) I also love a noisy room, buzzing with the clamour of a nicely planned and executed event.

8.) I love the love.

9.) Also, I love peace, and wish my thoughts would stay there always.

Passing it on to those who share it daily.  Thanks for the inspirations, I find them everywhere – good, bad, and indifferent.  A better list would include all followers and following.  Here are some inspiring blogs I’m nominating, with a few newer ones I have recently discovered.  Thank you One and All.    🙂


7 responses

5 01 2013
Charron's Chatter

You have described a writer’s haven, I believe…just add Dickens! Thank you very much for the honor, Birch Poet. Your silver pen & peaceful intent lend much grace to this awards post.

5 01 2013

As does your presence, my friend. Thank you again for the connection, it is rare to find another rhymer these days, and you are so cool. 🙂

5 01 2013

Congrats Paul! Thank you very much for nominating “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. Appreciate your love and kindness. All the very best!! 🙂

5 01 2013

Hey kudos to you Paul, a well deserved award. I appreciate the nomination and will try my best to inspire the blogosphere. Cheers to all of us!

5 01 2013

Congratulations – and thank you so much 🙂

6 01 2013
khaula naxir

that is so considerate and loving of you to do that……Thanks and love you and your blog…..always.

6 01 2013

Congratulations with yours! Well deserved. Thank you! It’s so sweet that bloggers are giving awards and think about my blog. Nice to read your 7 things, on that way you know a person a little bit better. And Yes Love and Peace!

Have a beautiful day.

Sweet greetings, Summer

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