As the Dawn

7 06 2013

Vast upon,
the greening field,
the spirit lies in wait…
As the dawn,
it’s teeming yield,
is found
at heavens gate.

Though mortal man,
may beg it’s bounty,
few have ever heard.
So poor a plan,
fey is counted…
by those
who speak
the word.

She gives up naught,
when it is asked…
yet concedes it
as it’s
Though man is fraught,
with toil and task,
his deeds

Ask it not,
and you shall find,
the grails endless wealth,
it’s what we’ve got,
in one great mind,
and tales that we tell.



26 05 2013

She walks in colors, through the night, the Evenstar of such delight.
She wanders on forever lost, while birthright still remains embossed,
upon the darkest sky within, she knows not hate, she knows not sin,
for she is truly, what we are, that light immortal…Evenstar.

While flesh continues, on its way, the light shines on, through night and day,
it’s birth began, when all was dark, the spirits first, immortal spark.
Begun when there was nothing else, it’s birth is somehow ever felt,
by those who feel and those who hear – the Evenstar, will draw them near...

Basking in its barest traces, raising arms and turning faces,
to the light, born from the dark, where spirit ever leaves its mark…
The gifts –  eternal grace and wonder – free to all, not torn asunder,
by the flesh – our fleeting moment – effulgent star of mortal foment.

May it always not be so, and may that spirit ever grow,
among the lonely camps of men, scattered… lost…. imaginings…
While what we think we hold so dearly – may we some day see it clearly!
As our Evenstar arises, leaving us bereft of guises.

Voices of Reason

19 05 2013

Blow with me, said the wind, my path is clear, and knows not sin.
Shine with me, said the sun, your journey has not yet begun.
Fall with me, said the rain, I know not fear, I know not pain.
Stand with me, said the trees, for from me comes the air you breath.
Float with me, said the ocean, my tides set greater things in motion.
Rise with me, said the mountain, for from me flows your purest fountain.
Set with me, said the moon, my power makes the oceans swoon.
Wish with me, said the stars, I bring you light, from near and far.
Sing with me, said the universe, I am the chorus, you are the verse.

Love me…
Be at peace with me…

Respect me.

Said mother earth.
Worship me not,
yet value my worth.

Strength and Power

17 05 2013

Humanity, will one day see, the chains that bind our liberty.
Our greed and vengeance, gold and riches, lying sterile, in the ditches,
in the trenches, where we fought, where twisted values once were taught.    Then will come our brightest age, our truth released from gilded cage.

When we admit, we are divine… that truth becomes our grand design.
The evolution, of our spirit… begins when we no longer fear it.
Duality – becomes untrue…  lost when we begin anew,
to covet what we never lost… deep within it is embossed.

The glow within, that inner light, illuminates our darkest night,
the ever silent, speaking voice, that knows the truth of every choice,
our vessels compass, tried and true, that navigates our moral view,
the path is clear, when we begin, to take direction from within.

It is the truth of every word, forever yearning, to be heard,
above the din, which is our mind, it’s silence golden, we will find,
when we begin, to send it out, from deep within, bereft of doubt,
the cosmos will again be ours… that is strength – and that is power.

Love Light

8 05 2013

An earth bound man, on angels wings, enraptured with the song she sings.
A feeling that he’s never known, the places where his heart has flown.
The wonder and the unique grace, of where the light has left it’s trace,
upon the hardened roads of man, as it continued, cross the span.

A never dying, fleeting grace, that greets us when we turn our face,
to everything that does exist, amongst the still undying bliss,
of love and laughter, peace and joy, the bold emotions, we employ,
when we are truly, what we are, an ever blazing, blinding star.

We sail upon ethereal seas, adrift upon a gossamer breeze,
that gently ever, blows and drifts, while in our mind, it gently sifts,
emotions that we thought were ours, but grow forever in the bowers,
of love lights garden, standing tall, rising high above it all.

It is our choice if we accept-if we rise, to where it’s kept.
Or plant it in our darkest tomb, or leave it lying, in the womb,
of what our short existence is-a moment in the timeless bliss.
That is the truth of Love’s sweet light, and how it shines, by day or night.

Common Sense

3 05 2013

What we call moral values, we read in fine books,
mostly written by prophets, and lawyers, and crooks.
With all of the wisdom, now at our disposal,
should we not try to act, on a better proposal?

Perhaps we should pause, and compare all the data.
Or perhaps we could live by some morals that matter.
We know in our hearts, and our souls, what is right,
regardless of which god we pray to at night.

We know that the seas are now filling with plastic,
those waters feed half the worlds people-that’s tragic.
We know that the ice caps are melting-it’s true.
Science knows better ways to bring power to you.

If we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it.
It’s not about comfort, or how we entreat it.
Imagine the world we could have if we changed,
if the wealth that we covet was all… rearranged.

If we fed all the children, that die every day,
if our weapons were wheat, we could do it, I say.
Turning swords into plow shares, is what we should do.
That got someone elected-that bill is past due.

Instead of comparing, what we have to lose,
instead of not sharing, or having to choose,
perhaps we should see, what our leaders do not,
and always be grateful, for what we have got.

Their health plans are simple-they receive the best care.
They become what we let them-where elections are fair.
Spending billions and billions, on commercials and such,
and we pick up the tab-they never go Dutch.

If this was old Rome, that we live in right now,
then these are false idols-to them do we bow.
It’s not so much different, wherever you travel,
apathy and indifference, at the stroke of a gavel.

I don’t have an answer-or barely a clue,
but the mood now is different-as is our view,
of the world that surrounds us, and flies us through space,
and the truths that confound us, like rats in a maze.

Lying deep in the valleys, the mountains, the shores,
of the green loving planet, that we all adore,
is the truth of existence, it lives in all things,
our universe dances, to songs that it sings.
It’s truth is abundant, where it can bleed through,
it lives on forever, in me and in you.
It is not existential, or mythic, or blind,
it is in every song, every heart, every rhyme.
It goes on repeating, each rhyme and each note,
it’s essence is fleeting-it’s pattern is rote.
It is just like a site, on the great world wide web,
it is felt like a tide, in the flow and the ebb.

But these are just words, that I write on a page,
I am not a prophet, a priest, or a sage.
This tide speaks in rhymes, that I’m honored to write,

if our leaders would listen…

would they sleep well tonight?

In Love

10 12 2012


Snow falls again on the unwed path of faith, marred red by the blood of those who have fallen.
mankind fears what he does not understand
as Shylock spreads the rumors
to the thronging crowd listening fixedly for centuries
As God waits for the unification of belief
in Love

faith is not proven, or it would be fact
facts are meaningless prose
written by the victors
of the wars
that have destroyed the belief
of mortal man
in LOve

War is the answer to the fear of mankind.
It breeds discontent
  It laughs in contempt
  at the fact of the existence
of mankind
and shrugs off the answer
to the ultimate question of Faith
in LOVe

While we die for our God
and we kill for our God
as vows of poverty become
less than what they were
and the unconditional laws
that are the true basis of our practices
are bent to political ends
which are never justified by the means
and were never meant to be included

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