14 06 2013

Timeless are the words we write, we glimpse them into each goodnight,
into the void, where none is heard – where spirit never felt a word.
Words battered traces, left behind, while history, unfolds… Unwinds.
Upon the path it blithely took, the pen… and someone else’s book.
Now upon a midnight dreary,     *
as I ponder, not weak, nor weary,      *
the silent visions, some minds took… before they penned them, in their Book,
with Webster or Colet at hand, to make the final product bland…
So that it could be, not merely digested, but singeing Truth, as it suggested.
Though some may find a way around, the moral ties that keep them bound,
to rocks of knowledge-slabs of stone-Empiric gods that stand alone.
So few, will ever journey on, to where the path goes ever on…

The path that leads from their front door,

to where they’ve never been before.**




* *(Most assuredly borrowed)


Night and Day

16 05 2013

Day strolls out on it’s storied path,
not accepting or giving,
anything other than what it is.
Night follows in moonlit whispers,
bringing silence to the embered light that came before.

A swallow moves flittingly
within the blood red of the passing day
as light weds dark.
Eternal vows forever renewed.

The meeting marks the beginning of the absence
the two will share throughout time.
The perpetual meetings of dusk and dawn,
fleeting moments that soon will be gone.
Infinite lovers
content with the brief touch
that brings life to the world.
Emotions not found there
in the tattered, brief meeting,
but elicited from the viewers
of this perpetual dance,
as the poets allude,
to this somber romance.


10 12 2012

You came to me again
In that dream
where I said yes,
and broke that vow
I wish you wouldn’t do that
but I’m glad you did
because in dreams, vows are reality that can be broken
since we can’t control them, it’s OK
I guess

That one fleeting touch
on the back of your leg
over a decade ago
still lingers
it’s so powerful
it hurts
when I let it

Had it happened
I would be half the man I was/am
you thought it was fear that stopped me
and you were right
I was afraid I couldn’t let go
once I felt your touch
I’m like that you know

You told all your friends
my co workers
to protect your vanity
you made things uncomfortable
for everybody
I told you it was true love
that sponsored my vow
and it was/is
that scared you
and made you want me more.

Then I found out you weren’t a real aquarian
You were about the money
about the job, about the fame
You surrounded yourself with your ‘girls’
and married the guy who abused you
and went trudging off to your new world
where I can never go
or I would be half the man I was/am

Thank you, for everything
It helped me be who I am/was
and that’s OK
You may see me as poor
but my riches can’t be explained
to someone who holds
such material wealth
like a shield in front of them
as they hide their true self behind it

thank you

I’ll see you in that dream

where I said yes

and broke that vow

we can be together there

and it’s OK

I guess

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